Harley beginner bike riding mistakes to avoid

bike riding

All motorcyclists, even the pros, were at one point beginners. Whether we are all in the same situation or not, there are certain stages that we all have to go through as riders. I have analyzed some of the mistakes that beginners make when they start their riding journey.

The clutch

Climbing on my bike, switching on the engine, and starting is one of the mistakes. The bike will stall since you have not removed the clutch. It is not a very good practice for the engine and can be embarrassing, especially when people were around. When this happened to younger me, I would quickly start my bike and leave. Now, I think I’d just laugh out loud at myself.

Failing to put on the protective gear

Some beginners riders think that they can run away from putting on the protective gear whenever they are riding. As a beginner, I invested in the best riding gear, which I can recommend you get from Harley-Davidson OEM parts dealer. Here you will find a wide variety of fashionable and pocket-friendly bike gear to protect you as you ride. Examples of motorcycle gears are motorcycle helmet, motorcycle riding boots, pants or jeans, motorcycle jacket,s and motorcycle gloves. Failure to put on the right gear can lead to severe injuries in a motorcycle accident or when thrown out from the bike.

Turning off your turn signals

As a beginner, it is very easy to forget to turn off the turn signals. Some bikes have self-canceling signals though there are very few. As a rider, I have manual control over the signals. Failing to cancel the signals might not be a big deal, but the problem comes in when the people behind you expect you to turn, and you are not turning, and they might bump into you. With time and practice as a rider, you will remember to turn off the signal after turning.

Dropping the motorcycle

All motorcyclists, at some point in their lives, have dropped their bikes at least once. Failure to put down the kickstand is the main mistake that results in dropping the motorcycle. Besides, losing balance when cruising at a low speed can also lead to dropping the bike. Dropping the bike is one of the most embarrassing things as it can break off a mirror or turn signal. Aside from that, your motorcycle will probably be fine and ready to get going.

When your bike drops, pick it up nicely and avoid injuring your back. It is good to do a thorough inspection of the bike to get to know what got damaged and fix it.