BabaTrucks – One Stop Shop For All Your Truck Needs

This is Ramesh. Ramesh is a truck owner with 12 trucks in his fleet. He has constant trouble with his truck insurance claims, maintenance and driver behaviour. Moreover, he has seen a great expenditure in his fuel costs, more than what he had calculated. Also, Ramesh wants to expand his business and buy new trucks. But lack of appropriate information about new trucks has added to his woes. Ramesh is worried, and is losing money.

Don’t be like Ramesh.

Does the story above sound familiar? Many fleet owners have gone through the same cycle of limited information and trouble in management. And many are still stuck in this vicious and troublesome situation, with no idea of what to do and how to tackle these hurdles.

Well, lucky for you, BabaTrucks is here.

BabaTrucks, a one of its kind portal, caters to all your trucking needs. From vehicle tracking facilities, to a commercial vehicle marketplace, to helping you with insurance and fleet monitoring, to much more; we have it all.

Our vision is to enable each fleet owner and truck driver with the ability to take quick decisions on the go, and deliver accurate and reliable assistance while they carry on with their business operations. Our one-stop shop can lend a helping hand to making your fleet business a much more profitable endeavour, along with providing hassle-free services.

We helped Ramesh with our suite of tools and services. Have a look at how he was able to reconstruct his business practices and turn his profits around:

  1. Ramesh needed to track his trucks in real time

BabaTrucks commissioned Ramesh with a vehicle tracking and fleet monitoring system that offered him the means to locate his trucks instantly at any time. The GPS vehicle tracking solution enabled him to get exact position coordinates of his trucks, along with surveilling every movement his trucks were making. He was able to schedule his deliveries easily, and was able to make his consignment delivered at the correct location at the right time.

  1. Ramesh wanted to buy new trucks, and allied resources

Our comprehensive commercial vehicle catalogue helped him view and select trucks that suited his business requirements. Along with that, BabaTrucks helped him gain insight into an excellent and wide array of tyres and engine oils on sale. He was able to get his necessities fulfilled at the click of a button, and at great prices.

  1. Ramesh wanted to keep his trucks safe and insured

Of the many facets handled by BabaTrucks, truck insurance plays a vital part. We were able to help Ramesh with all his automobile insurance needs. He was able to get the best policy rates available in the market, along with advanced claim settlement.

  1. Ramesh required skilled and verified drivers for his fleet

With BabaTrucks’s one of a kind driver marketplace, Ramesh was connected with professional and verified drivers that were absolutely capable of handling his fleet.

BabaTrucks catapulted Ramesh’s business to new heights, escalating his profitability, all the while empowering him with running his business smoothly.

After BabaTrucks came into his life, Ramesh is happy and successful.

Be like Ramesh.