4 Signs And Symptoms Of Bad Wheel Bearings


The first thought drivers have when they hear rattling and other loud noises coming from under the hood of their Mercedes Benz is that there is something wrong with the engine or there must be an exhaust leak. Rarely is it ever thought to be the first indication of faulty wheel bearings. The wheel bearings of a vehicle aren’t seen as the first culprit because they cannot easily be seen if you aren’t a trained mechanic.

Why Are Wheel Bearing Important?

Despite their invisible-nature wheel bearings play an essential role when it comes to the function and operation of a car. These seemingly inconsequential car parts are actually responsible for ensuring all the tire and wheel assemblies run properly to allow friction-free movement of the entire hub assembly. Well-functioning wheel bearings provide the smooth wheel and tire rotation that we drivers depend on.

Signs To Watch Out For

These are some of the initial signs that the wheel bearings are starting to fail and that you’ll need to order online Mercedes parts soon:

#1 – Noise Coming From The Wheel Area

The first sign to indicate bad wheel bearings are the grinding and grating noises that come from the wheels or tires of the car. The noise can easily be mistaken for engine problem, but if you listen closely you will hear that it becomes louder when you accelerate. Although noise is a fairly common sign, this is usually ignored because wheel bearings aren’t known to fail a lot.

#2 – Uneven Tire Wearing

Tires wear out all the time, but they usually wear and tear evenly. In cases that the wear is uneven, there is a good chance that the wheel bearings are faulty and require online Mercedes parts replacement as soon as possible. A technician or mechanic can determine whether the root cause of uneven tire wearing are the bearings and will suggest that both bearings be replaced for your safety.

#3: Loose Steering

Professional drivers tend to use the term “loose car” when they talk about steering wheels which tend to confuse some people. The term basically means that the vehicle feels loose as they steer and this can be due to worn down wheel bearings that can affect your ability to control and maneuver the steering wheel properly.

#4: Vibrations

Unlike the steering wheel vibrations that indicate a problem with tire balance and alignment that occur at high speeds, vibrations caused by faulty wheel bearings start at low speeds and get worse as you accelerate. The increasing vibrations can result in the loss of steering wheel control at high speeds which can lead to accidents. It is best not to risk driving a vehicle that shows signs of steering wheel vibrations at any speed.

Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

It can be difficult to detect that there are wheel bearing issues happening inside the vehicle, especially since the signs and symptoms mimic other car problems. The best way to know if there are faulty wheel bearings is to seek professional help right away before the problem progresses any further.

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