Repair & Maintenance

Is it Time for a Car Servicing?

Sometimes it feels that we spend as much time in our cars as we do in our homes. Think of all the driving we do: commutes to work, trips to see the family, driving the children, shopping, off to the dentist or football match and all the other daily tasks made easy thanks to automobiles. That’s why when you turn the key and nothing happens, or there is a horrible grinding noise from somewhere, your car needs immediate attention. To keep your car running in tip top shape or get you back on the road when your car just won’t move, you need to have a professional company on call that is known for experienced car servicing in Leeds. It’s easy enough to find the best one with an online search, just look for an auto service centre that offers you the following.

  • Comprehensive Service – that simply means the garage should be qualified in and perform every conceivable task necessary to maintain your car. From MOTs to clutches, and from air conditioning to dents, your auto service centre should be a one stop shop for your car.
  • Customer Service Priority – That’s more than just professionalism. It’s things like courtesy cars, competitive pricing, accreditations, honesty and reliability. When you are searching of car servicing, look for a garage that has multiple locations here to more easily accommodate your needs.

Beyond any doubt, one of the most important tradespersons in your life is your automobile mechanic. It never is too early to search out and meet with one so that when it is time for that servicing, or MOT, as well as that unexpected breakdown, your experienced car servicing centre will be right at hand.

Repair & Maintenance

Problems with My Brake Pads: Can I Change Them by Myself?

Your brake pads are a crucial component of your vehicle, if they aren’t working correctly, you could put yourself and other passengers in danger. Here are some tips for brake pad maintenance and replacements.

How Do I Check the Brake Pads?

You can have a look at your brake pads by locating them at the wheel of your car, if you can’t see them you may have to remove the wheel cap. Once located you should check to see if the pad is at least 3mm thick, if anything less, you’ll need to replace them.

Brake Pad Replacement Signs

Your car will show many signs of brake pad wear and tear, apart from the obvious 3mm thickness, you should keep an eye out for other issues such as:

  • The warning light showing on your dashboard
  • Braking effect has diminished due to worn down pads
  • The brakes give off a screeching sound when you apply pressure to the pedal, this is a clear sign the pads have worn down to the metal.

The moment you notice any of the issues mentioned above, you should contact local garage services in Woking to have your brake pads replaced by a trained mechanic.

How to Change Faulty Brake Pads

If you aren’t a mechanic, it is advisable to bring your vehicle to a service centre and have a qualified technician replace your brake pads. Given the importance of this component, this task is best left to a professional.

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution, get multiple quotes from various garages.