Does Your Car’s Fuel Pump Need Repair


If you own an automobile, you know all too well about MOT testing and repair. Therefore, it is important to keep your car maintained and serviced regularly. One of the parts that needs special attention is the fuel pump.

How a Fuel Pump Should Work

Whether you need to make a modification to an existing pump or require a new fuel pump, the part should be designed to offer the following:

  • The delivery of a sufficient flow of fuel
  • Fuel delivered at a specific pressure and designated injector duty cycle

You also have to make sure that the fuel that runs through your car is clean. Whilst most petrol is considered exceptionally clean, sediment can still develop in the lines or the fuel tank. You can also get small particles in your fuel when you are filling up the tank. These sediments may include insects or paint chips.

Changing the Filter

You need to have the fuel filter regularly changed by a car servicing company in Reading. By scheduling regular fuel pump maintenance and having the filter changed, you can realise the following benefits:

  • Optimum performance from your engine
  • A clean fuel injector
  • A reduction or elimination of engine misfires
  • A reduction in incidents of stalling or engine hesitations

The fuel pump itself will usually work until the car is driven about 160,000 kilometres. Therefore, you can drive your vehicle for a long time before you need to replace the pump. In the interim, make sure that the part is regularly serviced and that the filter is changed for maximum engine and driving performance.