What is a Car Cover and how it helps you?


Car cover is a protective shield like material which you can cover your car with. It has number of uses in protecting your car exteriors, body and other metal accessories stucked in your car.

Uses of a car cover in keys are mentioned below:

  • Prevent damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation.
  • Serve a protective layering to prevent sun fading.
  • Resist animals from carving scratches from their claws.
  • Avoid dust particles.
  • Shields bird droppings.
  • Prevent threat of dent formation from substances around.
  • Durability of the cars increase
  • Serve a shield which prevents snow piling on the body of the car.
  • Prevent from acid rain effects.
  • Also it protects from the prying eyes of the thieves.

Materials used in making a car cover

It is the most important thing to know before you buy a car cover for your car. T he material which is used for manufacturing a car cover is the criucial factor over which its uses and properties depend. Car cover not just has to cover your car but also many more things to do. So, the material used in car cover should possess following qualities:

  • Breathability of the cover is to be ensured. A breathable cover will allow the ventilation also dispel heat and condensation which gets trapped inside the car.
  • The material should be dust blockable and prevent wind borne particles from resting on the top.
  • The material should be rot resistant. Material being used in the manufacturing of the car cover should not rot with the moisture in the environment.
  • It should be water repellent so as to get dried up easily even after heavy rain fall.
  • Material should be rust resistant as to prevent it from rust stains which can lead to rotting of that cover material.
  • Material should be soft enough to handle and efficient enough to act as barrier to threats.

On the basis of weight car cover is of two types:

  • Lightweight car cover

They are light weighted and easy to manipulate as it is easy to put it on and off when required. They are manageable and easy to handle. User can comfortably fold and store it as it consumes less space. These are mostly used to protect cars from weather outside but these car covers don’t provide protection from dent and dings.

  • Heavyweight car cover

They are comparatively heavy weighing and it is difficult to manage and use it. They are thick enough so as to ensure dent and ding protection. They are more efficient and protective as compared to light weighed car cover.

So, you have a gist of all qualities you need to seek in a good car cover.