Everything You Need to Know About MOT Testing


The Ministry of Transport has to check for the roadworthiness of a vehicle before you are given clearance to take the car out on the road. There are very strict controls implemented in the UK concerning the MOT testing; all vehicles over the age of three years are required to undergo MOT testing on an annual basis. The testing is required for both motorcycles and cars and is designed to check whether the vehicle is in optimal condition or not. The test focuses on the environmental standards and the safety standards of your vehicle.

Where to Get the MOT Test Done?

You don’t have to visit the offices of the MOT if you want to get the testing done. Instead, the ministry has authorised many car dealers and workshops throughout the country that can carry out the testing for you. All you have to do is to take your car to any shop that offers MOT in Leicester or any other area. Make sure that the company or workshop that you take your car to has the credentials for carrying out the MOT testing. Once the car has been tested, the workshop will give you the certificate that confirms that your car has passed the MOT test.

What’s Included in the Test?

There are a considerable number of things that are checked within the MOT testing. While you can view what’s being tested at a distance, you cannot interfere with the test or talk to the tester during the process. You will need to stand in the viewing area and wait while the test is completed. Keep in mind that the condition of the gearbox, the engine, or the clutch are not tested.

However, a number of other items are tested, some of which have been mentioned below:

  • The side mirrors and the rear view mirror.
  • The doors, to ensure that they open and close properly and also that they lock safely.
  • The fuel system of the vehicle.
  • The exhaust emissions and exhaust systems.
  • The brakes.
  • The load security of the vehicle.
  • The windscreen integrity.
  • The horn.
  • The bonnet.
  • The steering and the suspension of the vehicle.
  • The lights.
  • The tyres and the wheels.
  • The VIN number.

You will need to go for MOT testing every year to ensure that you are able to drive without any hiccups. In case you are stopped and you don’t have the MOT testing certificate, there’s a risk that your car will be impounded or that you will incur a hefty fine. MOT testing is essential for drivers throughout the UK. MOT testing doesn’t even cost a lot of money, either; since it’s regulated by the Ministry, you only have to pay a specific amount to get the testing done. You should make sure that you set reminders each year so that you don’t exceed the date for the testing. If you do, set an appointment right away.