How to Determine If Your Car Needs Servicing


Certain maintenance needs for a car are simple to remember, such as keeping it filled with high quality petrol and exchanging the oil. However, most motorists avoid bringing their car into the garage for servicing unless they have no other choice, and many components of the vehicle are forgotten. Many motorists only contact an expert once something has gone wrong, often leaving them with a hefty service fee and repair price.

To avoid unreasonably high repair bills or a potentially dangerous situation on the road, you should know which signs point to a possible problem. If you find an issue early enough, you can turn an expensive repair into a simple and fast trip to the garage. The annual savings alone can help you afford the holiday that you always wanted or even a new and improved vehicle.

Unusual Sounds

A number of unusual sounds can indicate that your car needs servicing, and a reliable professional can service a car in Eastbourne for a cost-effective fee. Since you know exactly how your car sounds on any given day, you should investigate any noticeable differences. For example, your car’s fans should run smoothly with minimal sound or interruption during your drive.

If you turn on your fans and they start running at two times the volume, or if you hear a clunking or clicking noise, there is probably a faulty component inside the machinery. Taking your vehicle to a service garage can help you find and fix the issue before your fans stop working altogether. Going to a repair shop early can also help you avoid replacing more than a single part, which can save you hundreds of dollars.

If your car’s brakes squeal or grind, it often indicates that the pads are nearing the end of their lifespan. Brake pads wear thin over time, so a professional should replace them once they thin to three millimetres or less. If you notice squealing or grinding and let it go on for weeks, your negligence can cause serious damage to your car. Ignoring the sounds can eventually lead to brake failure, which can put you and other motorists in serious danger.

Smoke under the Hood

On cool days, you may see white smoke rising from your exhaust pipe when you start the car and begin driving. The vapor is little more than condensation as warm air from your car reacts to the cool air of the outdoors. However, you should never see any smoke coming from underneath your car’s hood.

If you notice white smoke coming from the front of your car, it indicates that the engine has overheated. A leak in your radiator is most likely the cause and can result in a lack of coolant to keep your engine at the correct temperature. Not only does delaying service repairs seriously damage your engine, but it can also require a replacement or worse, a new car altogether. Therefore, you need to bring in your car right away if you detect any signs of an issue.