Did You Lock Your Keys in Your Car


Locking your keys in your car is not necessarily a large mechanical issue, but it is always a large hassle. If you are in a hurry, and have somewhere to be, locking your keys in your car can make it much more difficult to get anywhere. People may lock their keys in their car for many different reasons, but the most typical reason is absentmindedness.

If you are not paying attention to where your keys are when you close the door and your door locks automatically, you can quickly have a problem. Fortunately, there are simple and easy ways to handle a locked car.

Call a Locksmith

In the past, police officers would open your car for you if you locked your keys in your car. However, that is not necessarily true anymore.

In different municipalities, police officers no longer open locked vehicles for safety as well as budgetary reasons. They do not have the money or the manpower to open every locked car door free of charge. Auto locksmiths in Peterborough can get you back into your car quickly.

How They Do It

There are a couple of ways to get people back into their car when they have locked themselves out. The correct method depends on the car itself and the key’s location. The simplest method is to use a thin hook and wire to actually pick up the dropped key. If the key, for example, is sitting on the front seat, a locksmith may be able to pick it up by the key ring.

Alternately, a locksmith can use a slim jim to wedge it into the car’s mechanism and manually operate the locking mechanism. There are many other ways to get into a locked vehicle, and a locksmith can handle them for you.