How to Select a Car from a Car Hire Company


When selecting an auto from a car hire company, it is usually best to go online first to check out a company’s offerings and prices. Usually, the hire costs are listed per day along with the amenities. For example, if you hire an economy vehicle, you can either choose a daily rate that includes mileage up to 100km per day or select a car at a slightly higher daily rate with unlimited mileage. Unlimited mileage generally covers a 500km radius of the city where you pick up the car.

Check Out the Specials

Economy models typically feature three cylinders, five seats, air conditioning, CD player, keyless entry, connectivity, and comprehensive insurance. Car hire specials are often featured for seven days and exclude public holidays. So, check out the specials when you book a vehicle online.

Choosing a Corporate Rental

Car hire services include vehicle offerings for airport pick-up, corporate use, family holidays, and removals. Customers can also hire SUVs, small cars, or vans as part of the offerings. If you are seeking a premium car hire, then you may want to choose a corporate rental. This type of hire includes high-quality sedans and SUVs. Many of the cars for this type of hire are frequently new. In addition, customers can review the maintenance record of the cars they select.

Small Cars

A cheap hire car in Perth is a low-mileage small car. Small and inexpensive rentals include such makes and models as the Nissan Micra in manual or automatic styles. This type of vehicle is ideal for customers who are visiting a city for a few days and are not planning to drive extensively. Usually, this type of car hire is recommended for one or two people. Compact cars available for hire are insured and regularly maintained. Therefore, you can drive smaller and more economical cars with added confidence and peace of mind.

Remote Surcharges

When hiring a car, keep in mind that travel is limited to a certain specified area. If you choose to drive past the given radius that is established for a vehicle, you will usually be assessed a remote fee. Normally, this charge is about $100.

Filling out the Booking Form Online

If you need to pick up a car after hours, then you need to make prior arrangements with the car hire company. When completing a booking form, you will be asked the pick-up time and the return time. Usually, a calendar is furnished so you can easily fill out the information. You also need to include the pick-up location and the location where you will be dropping off the car. The rental period will be noted once you have selected your dates.

Car Hire Extras

Next, you will explore your options of cars that are available for hire. Think about where you will be going during your travels and the number of people who will be accompanying you on your trip. Normally, local rates only apply to city use. Extra charges for cars include the remote area surcharge, baby seat or booster seat use, and satellite GPS navigation.