What Services Do Car Breakers Offer


Despite what their name may suggest, car breakers do not spend all of their free time and resources in smashing cars into each other and breaking them into pieces. Instead, the services offered by a car breaking company are slightly different. In case a car has been totalled in any accident, the owner might want to get rid of it. To do this, the owner can call a car breaker for a safe and efficient disposal. The car breakers will bring a modified tow truck to remove the vehicle from your property. You can transfer the legal title of the vehicle to the breaking company. If the car isn’t in terrible condition but is just gathering dust on your property, you can also call the car breaking company to get rid of the vehicle. In this case, the company may even offer you a small price for taking possession of the vehicle.

Car Parts

Now, you might be wondering why Weston-Super-Mare car breakers pay money for junk and make all of the efforts to remove your unwanted vehicle. After bringing the vehicle to the salvage station, the breakers dismantle the vehicle and thoroughly check and remove all parts and components that are in working order. These parts and components are then put up for sale separately.

Buying Parts from a Breaking Company

Most people are generally quite apprehensive about buying car parts from a car breaking company. However, there’s nothing really to worry about. In fact, most car breaking companies also provide a warranty of up to three months on every purchase. Car breakers test all of the parts carefully before putting them up for sale. You can search through the company’s database online in order to see if they have a particular part available or not.