Insuring a Campervan: What You Need to Know


One thing most people don’t think about when buying a campervan is insuring it. Cover is designed for all makes and models of a campervan, and many insurance companies offer a discount for limited mileage. Contents cover is also available on certain policies for items that are not listed as regular fittings and fixtures, or for camping essentials, such as generators, awnings, and gas bottles.

Compare the Various Plans

You can also obtain full cover for camper conversions, based on almost any kind of vehicle including protection for coaches or vans in the conversion process. The idea then is to compare and find a plan that will meet your needs and your budget.

Green Cards and Discounts

When choosing an insurer, make sure you view the plans of those companies that consider your camper lifestyle. Some policies, for example, include a free green card for European travellers, with some of the schemes permitting trips of up to 90 days. Policies may also offer discounts for as much as 15% if you are a recognised member of a camper owner’s club or web forum.

Agreed Value

Whether you bought an A class campervan for sale to take on a holiday or for use on the weekends, you can find a cover that will enable you to enjoy your freedom on the roadway. When choosing an insurance package for your campervan, make sure the insurer assesses your van and agrees to cover for its true worth. Don’t go with an insurer who will only pay out the market value on a claim.

Specialist Packages

Also, try to find an insurance company that features left-hand drive cover or offers import camper insurance, if you need these kinds of covers. Specialist policies are important to certain owners of campervans. Again, make sure the insurance company also offers limited mileage discounts. If you like to take short campervan trips, this type of discount is advised.

Contents cover for a policy, again, includes a camper’s personal effects whilst modified/converted camper cover protects your campervan modifications. If you are a member of a recognised owners club or camper enthusiast forum, make sure you receive a discount in this situation as well. What discount you receive depends on the type of policy that is taken. So, carefully scan all of your options.

Personalised Service

Naturally, you want to partner with an insurance company that is represented by seasoned insurance professionals, people who will use their knowledge to showcase all the camper insurance schemes on offer. Don’t insert your information into an online quotation system that uses computer rates. Instead, go with an insurer that has staff members who calculate the rates themselves. That way you can be assured that you will receive a tailor-made quote for the service and cover you actually need.

In this instance, it is better to contact the insurance company by phone in order to receive an instant, no-obligation quote. So, if you are currently in the market for a campervan, check out the insurance cover that is offered for the particular makes and models in which you are interested. That way, you can anticipate the total cost for your holiday protection.