2017 BMW 5 Series in New Avatar


The 2017 BMW 5 Series brings back the new 7 Series platform, which is called as Oberklasse or OKL, meaning ‘luxury class’. The monocoque chassis is built of CERP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic) and most of the components are made of aluminum. So, the new 5 Series is lighter and flexible compared to the currently sold 5 Series. It is faster, swifter and more agile. Since most of the car manufacturers still prefer for aluminum platform, more focus has been laid on weight reduction. The new 5 will amount for 100 kg (220 pounds), this is a lot!


The new 5 chassis is all admired for its elegant design. BMW has spent a lot of time in chiseling the 5 Series. It has got shorter overhands when compared to the 7 series. The head lamps will intrude to the kidney-shaped front grille and the lower grille will be a little large in size. The twin kidney grille is also broader and sleeker. The hood and the front fenders are restyled, while the headlamp is much sleeker. All these elegant features will certainly distinguish the 5 Series from the current one.

Unlike Audi A4, BMW is not supposed to increase the length of the 5, as it is already too long. According to BMW Greensboro NC expert , Minor increase can be expected but that’s about it. BMW is likely to improve the aerodynamics for lower carbon emissions. G30’s side profile replicates the currently sold F30.


Bimmer will resemble most of the new 7’s interiors. Looking at some of the spy shots, the new 5 come standard with a new centre console and instrument binnacle. The steering wheel feels great, somewhat similar to the 7 Series, in terms of functionality. The Munich-based car maker will add several touches from the 7, irrespective of technology and even safety.

The new model will come with whole lot softer elements and luxurious materials. Much of this has been obtained from the 7. The additional features include a new infotainment system, the fifth generation iDrive, and redesigned button layout. You will also like its touchpad and touchscreen system. The 5 series is also offered with the gesture control which is likely to be derived from the 7. BMW might even set down with voice command system from the 7 to the 5 and there will be four different operating modes too.

Engine Options:

2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol will be the common variants. However, the new model will have six-cylinder engines and even the new plug-in hybrids as well. The M5 will keep running with the same 4.4-litre V8 mills that would generate similar power output. BMW is looking at ditching weight than increasing the power. It is comes in the form of eight-speed automatics and six-speed manuals as well. BMW 5 Series will also include rear-wheel drive and even xDrive. All its new vehicles will be introduced with plug in hybrids and three pot motors.

Overall, the car looks great and it is expected to last long, provided regular servicing and maintenance are done. For any kind of servicing and repairing needs, call in reputed BMW repair Greensboro NC experts.

Author Bio: Rabi Paul is a car enthusiast and previously he has been working with some of the good names in the world of BMW. In his recent write-up he talks about the extraordinary features and qualities of the classy 2017 BMW 5 Series.