Useful Tips on Safe and Careful Parking Choices for Your RV


What is there more to know about parking? Your driving instructor covered everything about it in your driving lessons, right? However, as motor homes are a lot bigger in length and width, squeezing them into small places would require special skill. It is not an overly complex issue. If you have already found a new or used motor home, learn the quick parking and leveling tips that will make your RV-trip more fun.


Why Is this So Important?

If the RV is not leveled, appliances like refrigerators might not work properly. Sleeping in a tilted position can cause you some discomfort as well. And remember, when you are out on the roads, driving for hours, you need proper rest. Plus, the wrong parking choices can put your giant vehicle in the middle of narrow turns. However, no need to lose your sleep over this. Here are a few choices that can keep you out of problems.

Get Information on Campgrounds

It is a great idea to get details on the campgrounds in your travel route before putting your RV in motion. Most of the campsites offer information on roads leading to and leaving their location. Checking the information will help you avoid roads with tight turns, boulders, and low hanging tree branches. Check their available parking space and compare it with your RV to make sure it will be a comfortable fit for your vehicle.

A Little Help Can Solve Problems

Most of the campgrounds offer a flat or semi-flat surface for RVs. But, still it would be better for you to check the spot beforehand for boulders and ditches. Avoid the low spots if you can, or the situation can soon turn into a parking nightmare. Asking help from people (your travel companion or camp neighbors maybe), while pulling in your RV in the spot is a safe move. It will help you park easily and utilize very bit of space granted to you (for slide out, setting up the awnings). Plus, having someone guide you will minimize the chances of damage to your campsite neighbor’s private property.

Leveling Your RV

Is leveling really that important? Well, yes! Otherwise, you would have to go without important appliances like refrigerators throughout the road trip. Modern RVs come with hydraulics that can level the vehicle itself. Do not worry if your vehicle lacks such features. With a bit of ingenuity, you can get the same solutions without investing in buying and installing new hydraulics. A few 2×10-inch boards or interlocking RV leveling blocks could do the job just fine.

All you need to do is get a digital ruler and check if your RV is leveled after parking. Set up the slide outs to see if the motor home is leaning in any direction, and if so then how much. Now, you need to calculate how many pieces of boards stacked atop each other can level the motor home. After you figure it out, put the boards on the ground and drive forward or back up your vehicle to put the tires on the board. If the vehicle is leveled, the precision ruler would vouch for it. You can also keep a couple of stabilizing jacks just to make sure that your RV doesn’t shift from its parking space.

Buying a used motor home maybe the first step in starting a life of adventure. But, RV life becomes fun and exciting only when you are prepared for the things that RV lovers generally ignore as ‘not so important’ issues. Parking problems can take away your in-RV comfort, damage your appliances, and can even put property damage under your tab. So, follow these suggestions and leave your RV parking problems behind.