Get Your Car’s Makeover With Toyota Wreckers

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So your old Toyota has seen its best days, and now it is nothing more than a nuisance that takes up your valuable space. If that sounds true, selling your car second hand in the market isn’t going to get you much. In fact, you would be lucky if someone wants to buy it in the first place. For such a car, the best option is car wreckers. While most people ignore them as waste of time, the truth of the matter is, with the right Toyota wreckers, you can make as much as $12,000 from your old that is considered as worthless automobile. Here’s how.

toyota wreckers melbourne

How to make money from Toyota wreckers?

Wreckers, as the name suggests, quash a car, and send the scrap metal to companies that may find it useful. These could be automobile companies itself, or companies that can make products from recycled metal. Obviously, they get money when they sell the scrap metal.

Thus, when you take your car to Toyota wreckers, they will pay you for quashing your car, depending on how much usable metal can be taken out from your vehicle. That’s the direct way of making money from your dilapidated Toyota, but that’s not the only way.

Your Toyota must have all the parts that are still usable. The wrecking yard will take these out after quashing the car. If the parts are in good working condition and can be resold, the wrecking company will be happy to pay you for them. In fact, you could trade these parts for refurbished parts of your other car.

Often, wrecking yards have parts that are no longer in manufacturing. Thus, if you have an old Toyota that still gives you decent performance, you can always find refurbished parts from Toyota wreckers.

Important questions to ask before hiring Toyota wreckers

Here are some important questions to ask Toyota wreckers before you take your car to the yard:

My car has missing parts. Would you still accept it?

Some yards will only accept cars that have all the parts in it. Check with the yard before you let them quash the metal.

Do you offer free pick-up service?

Sometimes, if a car is really old, you might not even have the keys for it. Or, the car could be in such a bad condition that you just can’t drive it to the yard. In such cases, you would need to tow the vehicle. Most Toyota wreckers offer free pick-up service, but it is still better to clarify beforehand.

How much would you be paid, and how?

Good wrecking yards will always be able to give you an estimate of how much you can make out of your car. That’s the first clue you should look for when hiring wrecking yards. Second, you should categorically ask them the mode of payment. Cash is the best option, since it is instant, and you also get to save on taxes.

How to find the best Toyota wreckers?

Online is probably the best place to find best Toyota wreckers near you. In fact, a lot of wreckers often run special deals online that can make it more beneficial for you. Of course, you could always take a tour of your surrounding area and see if you can find any wrecking yards nearby.

Check for certification of the yards, and get testimonials if possible from people who have used the yard in the past. Some unscrupulous wrecking yards indulge in weight rigging to dupe you of precious dollars. You definitely want to stay clear of them.