Motor Car Insurance NI


Cheap car insurance in NI is only minutes away. Type in your post code and NI auto insurance quotes will be at your disposal in the blink of an eye. After a car collision, the injuries can be devastating to the victims who are suffering through no fault of their own. To ensure that these people will not have insult added to injury by being forced to be responsible for high medical bills, Northern Ireland law requires that all drivers purchase liability insurance.

The Required Arkansas Car Insurance Coverage

NI drivers must have bodily injury liability insurance so that they can pay the medical bills if they cause a collision. Northern Ireland has set a minimum requirement of GBP15,000 that will go toward one person’s medical expenses. The state also requires that the policy contain GBP50,000 to cover the medical bills of everyone hurt in the crash. For damaged property, the cover must include a liability package of GBP25,000 to repair vehicles, street lights or buildings.

Cost Keeps People from Purchasing Motor Car Insurance

Some people resist purchasing motor car insurance, and one of the most often cited reasons for this is the cost. For some people, this is a problem because they have driving records with infractions that make finding cheap car insurance in NI difficult. For example, if drivers receive a speeding ticket, their auto insurance companies may place them in a higher risk category and raise their rates when it comes time to renew the policy.

Lower Rates Are Possible for Those with Spotty Driving Records

Although these drivers have a speeding ticket on their records, not all insurance companies treat these infractions the same way. company may see a driver with a speeding ticket as a high risk, but another company such as not consider these drivers in the same way. These companies can afford to be more lenient, and they charge those with speeding tickets lower rates. Similarly, one insurance company can decide that insuring people with auto accidents on their records is a high risk for them.

However, there are also insurance companies that can overlook one or two accidents without charging the highest rates to these clients. The reason that these insurance companies can come to different conclusions when setting rates is because they are free to decide what they will charge for high, medium and low risks.

Why Do a Comparison Search?

Because some companies will be easier on those with certain infractions on their records than others, Northern Irish drivers must do a comparison search when they are seeking auto insurance. The online comparison search includes all types of auto insurance companies, and the client receives a quote from each one. The auto insurance companies with higher quotes are the ones that cannot tolerate higher risks, and the drivers learn this valuable information in a couple of minutes.

More importantly, Irish drivers learn which companies are willing to insure them for lower prices even though they have less-than-perfect driving histories. After their results come back and they have eliminated the high-priced auto insurance companies, Irish drivers have several choices for the required coverage the state mandates that they have. The best thing about this process is that it takes so little time and effort.

Don’t Risk Your Future by Driving without Auto Insurance

Arkansas drivers do not have to avoid purchasing their required auto insurance coverage because it is too expensive. If they were to forgo buying this coverage, they may have to pay high fines and may even be in danger of receiving a jail sentence. This doesn’t have to happen if drivers enter their post codes in the space above to find the lowest rates today.