MINI 0806 X44 – Choose the right one for your car Dashcam


Dash-mounted cameras have become a popular way to provide additional security for a vehicle registration or road-trips, track days, automotive and other adventures. This is still a relatively new technology, so many people are not familiar with them.

True dash cams are durable, they can be hard wired to the car battery and can record many hours of video, so the best option. To record a half hour of footage sometimes a smart phone can work, but Dashcam is the best choice for recording every time you drive.

However, the video quality is important in a Dashcam as you can find different Car DVR here, because it will be the task of capturing the detail at a distance from the camera and will have to manage well the movement. This means that you want to see a camera that can capture 1080p at 30 fps or more. As can succeed 720p, 1080p models are not hard to find, and the difference in video quality is evident.

MINI 0806 X44 Choose the right one for your car Dashcam

Another choice you must make is whether or not you want a Dashcam with a screen. Some models come with LCD screens that allow easy adjustment of the options on the fly. However, the screen can be distracting, and limited mounting options.

Moreover, the storage capacity is a problem that may be concerned, but in fact is not relevant to the camera. Virtually all models use an SD card, so the amount of video you can record depends on the SD card you use. You will generally be able to get 8-10 hours of high definition video from an SD card of 32 GB. If you are recording more than once, either bringing more cards, or choose a model that automatically overwrites the previously recorded video once the card if complete.

In addition, we recommend you the MINI 0806 X44 1.5 inch 1296P Ambarella A7LA50 GPS Car Camera Camcorder, which is most complete and available on with all the features that you need.