The Evolution of Truck Tonneau Covers

Truck Tonneau Covers

Truck Tonneau Covers transforming from originally being a stylish add-on to now a functional must have truck accessory. Tonneau Covers come in many different styles. The most popular currently being the Hard Folding Tonneau Cover many of this fold-able tonnos have a sleek low profile appearance and protect your cargo when closes but give you the versatile of being able to fully open the cover utilizing your entire truck bed if needed. The leading manufacturers of hard folding tonneau covers are Bak Industries, Extang and UnderCover.

The Functionality of the Folding Tonneau Cover is also available in a soft vinyl Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover, offering some of the same benefits as the hard folding cover the soft tri-fold tonnos offer quicker installation many being able to be installed with no tools in usually just a few minutes and costs averaging 1/2 of most hard folding tonneaus. The Soft Tri-Fold truck bed covers are not with out there draw backs though, they are not flush fitting like many of the hard folding style and the soft black vinyl tri-fold covers do not offer the same security as the hard covers. Top Soft Folding Tonneau Cover Manufactures are: Advantage Truck Accessories, Extang, Lund and Truxedo.

The Retractable Tonneau Covers are some of the most heavy duty multi open position tonneau covers. With some being manufactured to handle over 500lbs of weight on top of them the Retractable Tonneau Covers can fall under the commercial grade sectory of Tonno’s. The heavy duty roll up tonneau covers are manufactured from aluminum providing strength yet being lighter in weight then other metals. The covers are black powder-coated for corrosion resistance and overall appearance. Top manufactures in the Retractable Tonneau Cover Segment are Bak Industries, Pace-Edwards, Retrax, and Truck Cover USA.

Truck Tonneau Covers

While many consumers know a day’s consider them impracticable the Solid Hinged tonneau covers are still an excellent choice to provide safe and secure storage for cargo in the bed of your truck. The Hinged Tonneau Covers come in soft Vinyl, ABS plastics and Fiberglass. The Soft Hinged Tonneau Covers offer a low cost cover for your truck bed the soft covers lack the security and longevity of the hard tonneau covers. The ABS composite Tonneau Covers over a lightweight alternative to fiberglass tonno’s making them easier to handle and remove when full access to the truck bed is required. The fiberglass tonneau is the classic tonneau offering a smooth finish for paint to match styling. The Fiberglass and ABS Tonneaus are often available in painted to match your Truck for a fully integrated appearance. Top Soft Hinged Tonneau Cover manufactures are Extang and Lund. The Top ABS Tonneau Cover manufacture is UnderCover while Fiberglass manufactures are Gaylords, Leer and Snug Top.

Soft Roll up Tonneau Covers are another popular style of tonneau covers many of these roll-up vinyl covers are low-profile for aesthetic appeal and low prices. The rollup black vinyl truck tarps offer versatility for your truck bed by being able to have the truck top fully closed offering security and weather protection for your cargo and the ability to fully roll-up your soft tonneau and utilize the entire truck bed to haul cargo when needed. The top Soft Roll-up Tonneau Cover manufactures are Agri-Cover, Extang, Lund, and Truxedo.

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