Stay Up-to-Date on F1 Racing


If you are a racing enthusiast, especially someone who follows Formula 1 racing events, you will want to make sure you do not miss any of the racing excitement. Apps are available that will keep you informed and updated about racing and motorsports challenges around the world.

One of the apps you will want to download when you get a chance is the Worldformula app, a software application that keeps racing fans apprised of world formula race coverage in the world of motorsports events. You can refer to the racing app to stay updated, as well as instantly share news with other race fans on Facebook and Twitter. It only takes a few seconds to download the app – almost as fast as an F1 car itself!

Races are Not Won by Speed Alone – It Also Takes Strategy

Races are not won by speed alone. Strategizing is part of F1 racing too. This science and art are basic to the business of winning. The fundamental variables of the equation are based on tyre wear and fuel load. However, that is not where the strategizing begins and ends. The art and science become more complex for racing teams when rule changes and refuelling stops are factored into the equation.

Reducing the Amount of Fuel Quickens the Speed

Racing team strategists, for example, have discovered that, on some racing circuits, a driver can gain an advantage by making two fuel stops instead of just one during the course of a race. This discovery was made after observing that speeds increased with a reduced fuel load. Cars that carry less fuel also carry less weight – a fact that can assist a driver in gaining as much as 30 seconds over his competition.

After this finding, teams carefully worked out the order in which their driver could emerge after a fuel stop. Team members also figured the number of laps that a car could run before making a stop and the best way to make the most of the times spent changing the tyres and refuelling the car.

Therefore, F1 strategizing is primarily concerned with fuel load (weight), wear of the tyres, and the number of refuelling stops during a race. It is during the refuelling and when the tyres are replaced that timing is of the essence. Gaining an advantage during this point in the race is just as important as when drivers attempt to reach the first corner at the start of a race.

A Long Day at the Track

Probably the most pressure that is placed on a driver’s shoulders, with respect to strategy, is at the beginning of a race. If the driver starts out well, a strong result, even a win, can be in the offing. However, if he does not start well, crew members all too soon realise that it is already the start of an extremely long day at the race track.

Given that the beginning of a race is considered one of the most important parts, if not the most important part of a race, drivers are the most focused when they are sitting on the grid. Some teams try to safeguard their driver from any media attention in order to keep him from becoming distracted. That focus is as important to winning as it is to driving safely on the race track.