Tips for Car Windshield Replacement

Car Windshield Replacement

When you drive a car, you have to bear the repair expenses and maintenance expenses as well. A car’s monthly maintenance expense should be one of the important considerations when you are deciding on the car that you want to buy. Cars whose spare parts are cheap and easily available are usually preferred by the masses. It is very natural that something breaks down in a car. Accidents do happen and sometimes you can’t avoid them. One of the worst things that can break down in a car besides its engine is the windshield.

Since the windshield cracks spread really fast if something hits it with speed, you need to be really careful with them. Once a crack appears, it is almost certain that you will need to replace the windshield. Hence you need to know some useful tips for car’s windshield replacement.Car Windshield Replacement

  1. Go for Auto Insurance

How did your windshield crack? This is the first answer you need to know. Ask your insurance company  if they cover the cost of replacing windshield. They will probably ask you some questions on how it got damaged. If it comes under their jurisdiction, claim your insurance.

  1. Non-OEM Windshield Is Good Too

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass is almost the same as non-OEM glass. So why do people prefer the OEM replacement. Well, it’s just a case of mental satisfaction. Your local repair shop will have non-OEM glass and it will just as good as OEM. Trust me; you will save a lot of money.

  1. Use Proper Sealers and Adhesives

While you are using the non – OEM glass, the sealers and adhesives that are used in the replacement should be the ones that are recommended by the manufacturer. This will ensure that your windshield is installed in a safe and proper manner. You don’t want to take any chances with your windshield fitting as improper fitting can lead to hazardous accidents.

  1. Don’t Do it Yourself

There are a plenty of DIY kits available in the market. But hey, there are some things that suit professionals only and this is certainly one of them. Don’t try to repair the windshield by yourself. Leave it to a pro!

  1. Avoid Replacement

If you can, avoid replacement. The rule of thumb for screen replacements is that if the crack is under 8 inches, you should go and repair it. While there are companies that claim to repair cracks as long as 24 inches, I won’t recommend it. Why? Simply because it is not safe. Here is a Windshield replacement cost guide to avoid scams, Always check prices before taking a decition!

So whenever your screen gets hit by a stone or your windshield cracks due to some reason, always remember the 5 tips we discussed. They will save you some money without compromising on quality and safety