What To Do If You Put Wrong Fuel In Your Car?

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Fuelling is as important for a car or any other vehicle as is food for life. It is because most of the motor vehicles run on fuel and these may stop working normally due to lack of the requisite amount of fuel in the car. Equally important is the right type of fuel for any vehicle including car. It is because use of wrong fuel which is not consistent with engine and machinery of the given vehicle may damage it.

Although most of us take care to get our cars filled with right or most apt type of fuel however sometimes we just get the wrong fuel filled in our cars. It may be due to lack of knowledge or use of an absolutely brand new car, or carelessness on the part of petrol pumps may also result in such a silly mistake.

Whatever the reason may be, loading our car with wrong fuel and recognizing the same just after it may land us in trouble and anxiousness. Now one may wonder what to do if you have filled your car with wrong fuel. Here are some important points to follow.

fuel expert

Keep the engine turned off- As soon as you realize that you have put wrong fuel in your car then you must keep the engine turned off. You must avoid starting the engine at all costs otherwise it may cause severe damage to your car as well as to its engine. Keeping the engine turned off helps in prevention of the damage to various parts of the car. It is because fuel will remain inside the tank only and hence unnecessary damage to other parts may be prevented. In case, you have already started the engine and used your car then you must take it to some far off and safe place. Get out of the car immediately.

Have patience- Most people start panicking as soon as they realize that they have put wrong fuel in their car. It is out of anxiousness and fear of damaging their loved and costly vehicle. But you should have patience instead. You must remain cool and calm and use your wisdom instead of losing the same. Sometimes, only minor damage is caused or it is not at all there. Having patience helps in keeping things under control.

Contact the Experts– In this situation, wrong fuel expert is of great importance. These are the professionals that suggest the ways and means to drain out the wrong fuel from your car. At the same time, they also offer assistance in towing your vehicle to the garage or your destination place. They may help in clearance of all the contaminants from the engine and other parts so that the same may be filled with an appropriate fuel. Such professionals are expert in their job and accomplish everything in a completely legal and environment-friendly manner. You may call these people anytime anywhere and ask for help.

These are all the points that may be kept in mind or followed in case you fill your car with wrong fuel.