Four Considerations to Make When Looking for Car Dealers

Car Dealer

When on the hunt for car dealers in Canberra, we all want to find the “right” one for us: the dealership that has the right vehicle, agrees to the right price, and is staffed with friendly and personable sales people. Finding the right dealership can be incredibly time consuming, but interested buyers can save themselves a lot of time travelling and perusing dealerships by doing some research first. Listed below are some of the key points that one should be looking for when looking for the right dealership for them:

Car Dealer

  1. The Size and the Shape of Their Inventory

Most dealerships will have a speciality, such as offering Toyota or Honda vehicles. While you can be assured that they will have some vehicles of this make on their lot, they may not have the one you are looking for. Alternatively, they may be teeming with a selection of Toyota vehicles while also having a number of other makes of cars available (especially if they sell used vehicles).

Almost every car dealership with some sliver of market share in this competitive industry has a website. These websites tend to be fairly comprehensive and are updated regularly. Take a glance at the types of vehicles they have available and make sure they have what you’re looking for before wasting your time.

  1. Read Reviews to Understand Their Reputation

The Internet has opened up a whole new world of possibilities in terms of voicing one’s opinion and sharing what they like and what they hate about nearly anything. People tend to be particularly vocal about their car dealership experiences. If they have had a good experience, they may not say anything. Those who have had great or horrid experiences will almost certainly share it for others to see online.

When reading reviews, keep in mind that the salesperson or even the buyer may not appropriately reflect how the dealership operates. Be logical and realistic, and think about whether or not their complaint seems valid. Any review that impacts your purchase decision should be carefully weighed.

  1. Wait for Special Offers

From time to time, each dealership will have special offers and promotions which can work largely in the favour of the buyer. Some of these may be:

  • Percentage discounts
  • Low loan rates
  • Trading in an old car for a rebate valuing thousands of dollars

If you aren’t in dire need of a new vehicle in the near future, consider joining the social media pages and signing up for email newsletters from your interested dealers. Once a promotion comes along, they will be sure to spread the news and let you know through one of these two outlets, as well as in the local newspaper.

  1. Number of Years in Business

A dealership’s status with the Better Business Bureau is important, but what is really telling about how successful the dealership is comes down to how long they have been in business. Dealerships which have been around for decades are well-established, are members of the community, and are likely far more reliable than one that has been in operation for only a year. Unless you find a fantastic and unbeatable deal at a new dealership, stick with the trustworthy option.