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Buy Fancy Luxury Land Rovers from Saxton 4×4 and Drive in style!

Looking for something that’s going to turn heads and fulfill your every need? Check out the Range Rover 5.0 supercharged ONYX at Saxton 4×4. At just under £60,000 the four wheel drive screams importance, elegance and funk. The car is a left hand drive and completely new, so the only miles on the clock will be the ones driven from showroom to your place.

One of the first things you’ll notice is the 22 inch ONYX black alloys that give the car that extra punch. It is also home to an ONYX wide arch body kit, aero styling body kit, custom exhaust, front and rear bumper and rear spoiler. The car looks majestic on the outside; the type of car any driver would be proud to own. When you open the car door and look inside the effect is awe inspiring. The combination of leather and carbon fibre allows comfort to meet style and mould together to create the exquisite. The steering wheel is ONYX HSCT carbon with sport grip, along with a carbon fibre gear selector, ONYX crested seats and carbon front grill and side vents.

Land Rovers

Some of the cars perks include a SAT NAV touch screen with dual view; surround camera system, and heated/cooled seats. Along with, a blind spot monitor, park distance control and rear view camera; especially helpful in bad weather or tight parking spots. Passengers will have the time of their lives with rear heated seats, comfort air conditioning, digital TV tuner and DAB radio. Journeys are made smooth and comfortable as well as entertaining. This car is a celebrity favorite and you’re sure to feel like one whether you’re the passenger or driver. The 4×4 also comes with adaptive cruise control, rain sensor, electro chromatic fold flat memory mirrors and adaptive xenon headlamps. When it comes to four wheel drives, this car speaks for itself.

The Range Rover 5.0 V8 is an off road vehicle and it will perform perfectly over those lumps and bumps that most cars would fail miserably at. However, you would be forgiven for forgetting that its main purpose is for off road because it glides so heavenly across tarmac. When considering the comfort and luxury of the interior paired with the practicality of the cars uses and its versatility for everyday life, it’s hard to see a fault in it. If you’re looking to spread the cost, financing is available at Saxton 4×4 for most vehicles and they are dealership/manufacturer guaranteed. If you’re unavailable to pick your car up, Saxton 4×4 will even deliver the vehicle to your front door.

Saxton 4×4 have an undeniably fantastic selection of Land Rover and other luxury cars at their showroom in Essex and I’d confidently say that if the right car isn’t there, they’ll do their best to find it for you. But with over 300 four wheel drives in stock, I’d be willing to bet that your dream car is tucked away there somewhere. If you’re looking for something you haven’t found anywhere else, head over to Saxton 4×4 and have a chat with a member of staff. They will discuss your requirements with you and using their wealth of expertise, guide you to the car that suits your needs. They work with national and international clients so you can be sure of their skills when it comes to finding a customer’s perfect match.

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5 Mobile Apps For Motorbikers

Biking is all about speed, freedom and performance, but owning a motorcycle can mean more accidents and higher insurance, as well as keeping the bike and your motorcycle equipment in tiptop condition – expensive.

Apps have infiltrated every area of modern living and now motorcyclists can make their ride smoother with iPhone and Android apps to help monitor motorbike performance and deal with accidents and insurance.

Mobile Apps For Motorbikers

  • Greatest Road Motorcycle Rider GPS Navigation Road Finder costs £2.99 from the iTunes store and uses Google Maps. The app charts new routes for bikers with a simple touch of the gauntlet on the iPhone screen – simple and effective and you can share you best routes with fellow bikers.
  • Decibel costs under £1 and can measure how much noise your motorcycle is generating. The Decibel app has been used by patron saint of road users Jeremy Clarkson to measure the performance of car engines. The app has a simple pointer dial with Peak, Average and Maximum volumes, so nothing too difficult to manage if you hit the road and suddenly realise your machine is pushing out the decibels.
  • Fuel Prices UK is an Android app which will check the cost of fuel across the country and direct you to the nearest, cheapest outlet. There are two levels of subscription (£4.99 and £9.99) offering different levels of info about prices at the pumps.
  • AA Fuel Prices iPhone App does for iPhone users what Fuel Prices UK does for Android bikers – checks the price of fuel at the pumps and alerts you to potential savings on petrol in your area.
  • Car Incident Assistance is a free app, which allows road users to log the details of an accident, with GPS to record the exact location – and a feature which enables bikers to record images of the accident scene as part of the accident log. You can also record damage to vehicles, add witness contact details and statements – and log whether the police attended the accident scene. Car Incident Assistance is invaluable for recording accident details for the purposes of motorbike accident insurance claims.

If you are involved in a motorbike accident through no fault of your own, also remember that you have three years to make a claim for compensation for any injuries suffered as a result. It’s a sorry fact that 16% of all road traffic accidents involve motorcycles. Stay safe with these apps.


8 Important Facts about Fixed Gear Bikes

A fixed gear bike is regarded as the most efficient type of cycling machine. This is one reason why it has found huge acceptance from cycling community. As they have flexible uses, they are used in racing tracks and in velodrome. Expert cyclists train in them during off-season especially in winters. Lightweight in nature, they are capable of generating high speeds. They are preferred for speedy and efficient riding. They are designed in a manner to permit a ceaseless crank rotation.

Fixed Gear Bikes

8 Important facts about them are enumerated below

Many Amazing Features

Fixed gear bikes are incredibly lightweight. Hence, they are very convenient to carry from one place to another. Riding them is having fun all the way as it does not create too much of a strain. Sturdy and superbly built, they are found in many amazing colour patterns, designs and shapes.

The speciality of this bike is – they do not have any free wheel. This gives them an edge over other available bikes. There are some bikes where you need to pedal once. This prompts the wheel to rotate freely and pedals remain stationary. This was one common glitch, which prevented these bikes from giving efficient service. This bottleneck was has been done away with by a fixed gear bike. The most vital concept behind construction of this bike was to restrict free wheel movement.

What Gives Them The Edge?

They are capable of generating high speeds. In addition to this, they are of lightweight in nature. They do not have cables, derailleurs, shifters, extra rings. All these go to make it lightweight. Absence of such additional parts is appreciated by cyclists as it causes minimal obstructions. Even if the bikes are made of aluminium or carbon fibre, they do not contain any heavy-duty gear, which makes them very light.These two factors have led to its popularity among cycling enthusiasts. Absence of any extra accessory and a brake unit makes them a perfect choice among adept cyclists. They permit up gradations and modifications. For instance, you can modify or upgrade the tiny rims. Though these rims are tiny, they hardly get affected due to rebounds arising from obstacles on the road.

People who wish to lose their extra flesh and yearn to get back into desired shape prefer these bikes. They are trendy and help in reducing weight as well.

Multitude of Advantages

They are not only lightweight but also have fewer mechanical parts. Thus, they are extremely easy and convenient to maintain. They encourage rigorous pedal style. This is incredibly helpful in enhancing the endurance levels of riders as it gives them a good exercise. They perform brilliantly on slipper or wet roads. Absence of gears and breaks makes it a joyride for cyclists. Absence of brakes does not mean cyclists face any major problem due to this. All they are required to do is to apply some resistance on the pedals. They contain pedals and these pedals continue to rotate as long as the bike is on the move. If you wish, riding in the reverse direction is permitted.

As these bikes permit crank rotation, they are great for riding downhill even at fast pace. They give equally good performance while making turns at corners. To get best results from the bike when used in downhill, the rider needs to pedal at the speed of 170rpm. According to cycling veterans, these bikes are able to accomplish this objective. For one, it allows bikers to put in more power during the ride.

Commendable Mechanism

These bikes warrant easy and simple steps to operate. They have a unique and special drive train mechanism. They comprise of sprocket and this is normally bolted to the wheels found at the back. Due to this arrangement, it permits both the back wheel and the pedal turn in a similar direction. Cyclists are immensely benefited due to this mechanism. All they are required to do is to apply slight brake without needing to apply an actual brake.

Not all cyclists like using brakes. With some dedication and practice, they master the art of putting resistance on the pedals just to slow down. Some bikers choose to stop in a stylish way. For this, they create a bit of a skidding effect to stop the bike. This comes to great relief when they wish to perform better on a wet or slipper road.

How And from Where To Purchase It?

If you are seriously interested in purchasing this bike, take some professional advice. This will enable you to find the perfect model according to your needs and requirements. This is especially recommended to beginners. Countless manufacturers are offering them in different makes and models. Instead of settling for a cheap and inferior brand, rely on a reputed brand. Do not compromise on your health safety for prices.

Available At Online Stores and Otherwise

If you are interested to buy it from a brick-and-mortar store, it is better to visit the shop and have a look at it. Buyers prefer the former option as it offers several benefits like, great discounts, free shipment, wide collection of different brands, etc. Before buying from an online store, make sure to go through customer feedback and testimonials.

Accessories Motorcycles

Must Have Bicycle Accessories

Visiting a bicycle accessories store is always a delight for a bike rider because of the extensive variety of accessories available in today’s times. If you enjoy riding the bike, then you would be aware of the benefits of having the various accessories, which would make your bicycling experience safer as well as comfortable.

Bicycle Accessories

A List of Must-have Accessories for your Bicycle

  • Helmet: One of the most important bike accessories is the bike helmet, which gives protection to the wearer’s head. In many states, wearing helmet has become mandatory and riding a bike without one is considered illegal. Safety of your head is utmost important in case of any mishap. Accidents can happen and sometimes they are unavoidable. Hence, you need to be take necessary precaution to prevent any kind of serious damage. Therefore, it is wise to purchase and wear a helmet of good quality.
  • Headlights: If you are planning to take your bicycle out at night, it is always necessary to have an appropriate headlight on your bike. The light can be the modern LED based, halogen lights and in white colour, depending upon your budget and choice.
  • Tail lights: The headlights and tail lights go hand in hand. They are commonly red in colour. They are available in flashes or blinking types and provide your bike’s visibility to approaching vehicle drivers.
  • Reflectors: Although night riding on bikes can be avoided but if you need to venture on the roads at night, one of the effective protections you could use is a reflector for your bike and maybe some reflector striped shirts or pants for self. Use of this makes the bike and your visibility, much higher at night. Reflectors on the bike or on the clothes shine off the lights falling on them and thus makes drivers of other vehicles notice you on the bike.
  • Racks: There is a huge variety of racks available in the stores. Choose one according to your requirement. You get options of baskets to quick release type models, to those which pop out. It is easy for you to bring your grocery or other items on your bike, if the rack is fitted to it.
  • Rain Gear: Getting drenched in the rain during your bike ride is not a great idea, so possessing a rain gear is a good idea. Maybe a flashy and funky one with the head cap, according to your choice, can keep you safe from those unexpected drizzle and showers.
  • Bicycle Gloves: Wearing padded gloves will save your hands from cuts and corns being developed on your palms due to friction.
  • Bottle Attachment: Such attachments enable carrying water, sports drinks, juices or other energising drinks comfortably, especially during long rides.

So, go ahead, visit a bike accessories store online to accessories your bicycle and equip yourself with the necessary gears for safe and comfortable Dutchie bicycle rides. Ride on!

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Advantages of Regularly Servicing Your Car

An important part of maintaining a car and keeping it in the very best condition possible is to ensure that it is serviced at least every 12 months. Even if your vehicle is within its MOT, this should not be supplemented as a replacement for a good service as the two are different things.

A service will ensure that the engine is running correctly, as well as ensure that brakes are fully functional, the tyres are inflated and the filters are changed regularly. All of these factors are key to having a car that runs safely and efficiently.

If your car is still in warranty, many warranty agreements will require the car to be serviced within certain time constraints or warranty payments will be declined, so this isn’t really a procedure that should be looked at as optional; it’s a practical safety measure that will ensure your car is in prime condition.

Servicing Your Car

Manufacturers will stipulate suggested intervals to service your car at, however servicing more frequently than the recommended intervals will only work in your favour as a car owner. Looking after your care vigilantly will work with you on so many levels that it’s plain common sense to keep your service history as up to date as possible.

Having a good service history will also work well when it comes to selling the car as buyers will see how well looked after the vehicle has been, meaning you are more likely to achieve the price you are looking for.

Elements covered in a service are the safety elements of the car, allowing you to drive around confidently and safely with peace of mind once the car has completed its service. Some areas covered are:

  • Brakes
  • Suspension
  • Tyres
  • Tyre Pressure
  • Steering
  • Lighting
  • Windscreen Wipers
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Power steering fluid
  • Windscreen Wash

A 12 month service, or a full service cover many more factors than a 6 month service, so it is recommended that drivers have a six month service, followed by a 12 month service and so on, to ensure that every element is covered at least once a year.

Word of mouth is a powerful thing, and having your car serviced by somebody who has been recommended to you is a great way of sourcing a professional to do the job. It isn’t hard to spot a mechanic who isn’t very good, so look for ones who are happy to talk you through the service, answer any questions you have and actually spend a bit of time with you rather than treat you as ‘just another job’; these kind of mechanics are more likely to deliver a good service job on your motor.

Driving safely and in a textbook manner will ensure that when it comes to your service, your car will perform well. Take measures yourself in the maintenance of your car rather than leaving everything down the garage and keep your levels topped up and change your oil and oil filter if you can. Having an active role in the upkeep of your car will ensure your engine runs well and is less likely to face problems.

Obvious wear and tear does occur with motors, but taking an active part in looking after your car, on top of the regular services, means there is no reason why your car won’t be reliable for as long as you have it.

General Cars

How to find the best used cars in London?

With the competition for delivering used cars London being stiffer than ever, perhaps it’s time to focus on a car supermarket which offers unbeatable customer service along with fantastic cheap deals on used cars.

The best place to start when sourcing a dealer for used cars London is to begin at Hilton Garage, as they have one of the most impressive ranges of quality used cars available.

The choices available at this car supermarket are second-to-none and cover the likes of Ford, Volkswagen, Vauxhall and Honda as well as some of the more prestigious makes such as BMW, Jaguar and Lexus.

For used cars London, Hilton Garage brings an unrivaled reputation for offering top quality used cars at the cheapest deals around.

used cars in London

How to find used cars in London?

Hilton Garage has been in business for more than 40 years and has been successful by offering not only high quality used cars, but stressing on the need for unbeatable customer service and incredible after sales commitment too.

This means that customers from all around the country, looking for used cars London can make a trip to Derby and bag themselves a bargain for a vehicle that will not let them down.
Very few other used cars London dealers, or even car supermarkets in London, will offer a similar package with an unrivalled reputation for being honest and transparent in its offers and dealings.

By visiting the car supermarket, potential buyers of used cars London will save themselves from the stress and trouble of visiting several dealerships in the bid to find a quality used car at an economical price.

Perhaps the worst aspect of trying to find a used car in London is that going through the trouble of visiting several dealerships often leads to disappointment.

Hilton Garage puts its cars online so that potential buyers can see what you expect and that the unbeatable prices that are being quoted, which makes finding used cars London a lot easier for many people.

A wide range of used cars London

Hilton Garage offers used cars from a wide range of manufacturers including the popular ones such as Ford, Honda, Vauxhall and Volkswagen as well as prestigious marques such as BMW and Porsche.

Indeed, Hilton Garage has lots of used cars London with regular supplies of BMWs such as the BMW Z4 which is an incredible roadster which brings a love of driving alive in a package a few other car makers can beat. From its great handling to its top quality finishing, the BMW Z4 is a wonderful car to own and drive.

Potential buyers of Porsches will also find that Hilton Garage can offer the very best deal on these vehicles including the Porsche Cayenne which, as you would expect, it’s packed with luxurious touches from its comfortable leather seats to the look and feel of the cabin interior.

For anyone looking for used cars in London, it’s this availability of top-quality cars and having a regular turnover of stock which helps keep our vehicles and prices attractive to potential buyers.
Many customers looking for used cars in London have made the journey to our doors and left with a great purchase. This is despite the fact that our car supermarket is located a short journey up the M1 in Derby, and not in London.

Don’t let this fact put you off because lots of people looking for used cars London have found that the cost of the journey has been saved many times over by the saving we offer on our quality stock of used cars.

Why not join their number and prove that to find the best used cars in London you don’t really have to be based in London?

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Find The perfect family car At Sandles Used Car Supermarket

The car that most families dream of is currently on sale at Sandles used car supermarket! The showroom is located in Kings Lynn, Norfolk and has countless used cars on sale to suit every need.

When you visit the website, have a browse at the Chevrolet Lacetti that’s on sale for the absolute bargain price of £2,499. The Lacetti is a 1.6, 5 door vehicle that would suit any family down to the ground. While looking at the outside of the car, it’s apparent that the vehicle is in fantastic condition considering there are 59,000 miles on the clock, but it really doesn’t show up on the qualities the car possesses, and the justice it deserves. The metallic blue shines up brilliantly and the alloy wheels look as though they haven’t been touched but inside the car is where the real magic happens.

Used Car Supermarket

The car will easily fit in five people and have comfortable room left over, unlike so many other cars where most passengers are crammed into a space they’d barely fit in if the doors didn’t jam them there. The boot could fit the Christmas shopping, Christmas presents and a partridge in a pear tree or if you belong to the mafia, 2 dead bodies- 3 at a push. It’s also equipped for traveling dogs so that your beloved pet can tag along on the family trip, without winding up the kids.

It will cost you just over £200 on tax for every 12 months; it has power steering, remote central locking and electric windows. It also has a CD player to keep the little passengers quiet, air conditioning, electric mirrors and ABS. The car’s length and weight is unnoticeable while driving it and the practicalities are there to make your life ten times easier. It comes with a 3 months or 3,000 miles warranty that can be upgraded to a 12 months warranty and part exchanges are considered. For any more information on the car you can call 01553 630052 or visit the website and start a live chat.

Sandles offer financing on the majority of cars and the best bit about the Chevrolet Lacetti is the price- on financing it could cost just £56.23 a month! You can enquire about financing online or visit the showroom and apply in person. Another great benefit of using Sandles for your next used car purchase is HPI drive away. If your busy with the family and don’t find time to sit down and browse through the heap of car insurers, let alone narrow down the best one for your car before you pick it up, Sandles can organise free insurance for 7 days so you can drive out of the showroom without having to worry about setting up insurance. If requested, you can even walk away with an annual quote for your car without having to lift a finger.

The staff at Sandles used cars in Kings Lynn have a wealth of experience and are used to helping individuals, couples and families make their perfect car choice. If required, they will help guide you to a car that suits your everyday needs and make the process from finding the right car for you through to purchase and taking it home, as easy as possible.

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How to Rent a Car In Israel?

Israel is a small developing country with less transportation facilities. Are you planning to make a trip to Israel? If yes, then the best and most convenient way to get around is to rent a car in Israel. Unlike many developing countries, Israel has modern roads with parking facilities available almost everywhere. As a tourist, you may be entering Israel through Ben-Gurion, its national airport, located in the central region. So the most convenient way is to rent a car from Israel Airport itself.

Rent a Car

Car rental tips in Israel:

  • To hire a car, you have to be 24 years or older. For western nationalities, there is no need for an international driving license; a driving license issued from your country itself is enough for renting a car.
  • If you hire a car from the airport, as in all international airports the car rental companies in Israel also charge you an airport tax of $27.
  • All car rental companies in Israel are open from 8.30 to 5.00 and are closed on Saturdays and holidays, except for the once at the airport.
  • No need to book a car in advance. There are many rental companies both in the airport and outside. But if you are looking for the best deal available, it is advised to check all options available and book the car of your need in advance (at least 1 month before arrival).
  • You will be free from VAT taxes, if you are not hiring an Israeli citizen to drive your car. But if you are renting a van or a big vehicle that can accommodate a number of persons and baggage, you will have to pay the 17% VAT taxes.

If you are planning to book a car before arriving, search over the internet for choosing the best car rental service available for your needs. All you have to do is just enter the details like your pickup point, return location, type of car and number of days.


Biggest Drop in Petrol Prices Since 2008

A leading motoring organisation has reported that petrol prices are now at their lowest for five years, with the biggest drop in prices since 2008 taking average costs at the pumps to 132.16p a litre.

The AA announced that the average fuel values dipped 5.49p per litre in the month between mid-September and mid-October, the biggest monthly price dip since November 2008.

At the same time, diesel prices have gone down from 142.50 a litre to 139.12p.


While stressing that more drops were not likely, mainly because of the UK’s poor refinery capacity and the probable strengthening of the American dollar, the AA says the decrease has been caused by reduced wholesale prices. It added that, put differently, the decrease in prices means the cost of filling up a smaller petrol-fuelled car is reduced by £2.74, while a bigger model, for example a Ford Mondeo, could now be refuelled at a saving of £3.84.

Fuel prices vary across the UK, with differing prices due to whether areas are mainly built-up, giving rise to greater competition, or more rural – in the countryside transport costs are higher and there is not so much competition.

London, the north of England and Yorkshire and Humberside are the joint cheapest places to fill up in Britain (at 131.9p) and Northern Ireland is the most expensive, at an average pump cost per litre of132.9p. When it comes to diesel, Scotland is the most expensive place to by fuel, and London is again the cheapest, at 140.1p and 138.6p respectively.

In terms of how Britain compares with other nations, the UK has the second-highest diesel price in Europe, and the seventh highest petrol prices.

The AA described the fall in prices as a “dramatic improvement”, adding: “Heading into winter, the timing couldn’t be better.”

The organization also praised the decision of a couple of the biggest supermarkets to pass the price decreases on to customers, saying this was “a huge benefit for drivers and businesses.”

It add that it is encouraged by the increasing number of non-supermarket retailers who challenge the pricing structures of other supermarkets whose prices have stayed higher, and stated that the current industrial dispute in Scotland’s Grange mouth oil refinery has shown up this country’s “lack of refinery capacity.”

News of the price drops will of course, be widely welcomed by UK transport companies and industry organizations. And the decreases have shown how road travel is an extremely cost-effective option for transporting goods across the country – especially now.

Clients can expect rapid delivery, especially over shorter distances across the UK or mainland Europe, its’ easy to track goods, and road haulage is an especially good option for perishable items. Equally, cargo can be taken directly to its final destination and straight into the hands of the client, at a time that best suits them.

If you’re looking into haulage companies UK has a wide number of suppliers. Begin your search for transport companies in UK locations nationwide by going online.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Brand New Car

Everyone loves the look, smell and feel of a brand new car. There is always the temptation to buy yourself or someone you love a new car. A new car can be expensive and so you need to get the best out of the deal. Here are a few things you should consider when buying a brand new car:

Buying a Brand New Car

Insurance Cost Of The Car:

The safety features fitted in a car can greatly reduce the cost of your insurance. This includes features like airbags, anti-lock brakes and seat belt restraint system reduces your chances of getting into an accident and so reduces the insurance cost. But note that insurance rates for hybrid cars are also high due to the high cost of maintenance the car will need.

The Re-Sale Value Of The Car:

You probably will want to sell your car after sometime. Vehicles depreciate very fast in value in fact a new car depreciates almost by 25 percent when you drive it out of the show room. In case you are planning to sell later, it would be good to buy a car that can get you some of your money back when you decide to sell it.

Cost Of Maintenance And Fueling:

Apart from the initial cost of buying a brand new car, you need to put into consideration the costs of maintaining the car and the gas consumption. You will have to maintain your car from time to time and you do not want a high maintenance car or a fuel guzzler if you will not be able to afford the gas.

Choose The Right Vehicle For Your Use:

There is no need of buying a big family car if you are all alone and will only need to be driving to and from work. Bigger cars cost more money, so you should get a car that fits your use and your income levels.

Figure out exactly what you want in your new car and the amount of money you are willing to spend: This will help you buy the car you want, not what the dealer convinces you to buy. Before you buy a car, you should have a list of the features you want in your brand new car and try to look for a car that fits your description. New cars models often have improved features and you should be on the lookout for these.

Means Of Financing The Cost Of The Car

Before you acquire a brand new car you must have a clear plan of how to finance the cost be it through cash installments or car loans. Make sure the car you buy gives you value for your money. Visit several car dealers and compare the prices before you pick on an affordable one.

If you intend to drive your car in the UK, then you must make sure you have a valid UK driving licence. For this you need to make an application to the Drivers and Vehicle Licencing Agency from where you will get your driver’s licence. Any new or old car you buy will have to be registered and licensed by the DVLA in order to get valid number plates which you will be required to display on your new car.