Best Pair of Hot Wheels Set to Rule Indian Roads in the Year 2013


India has always been one of the prime consumers of every new product or service launched worldwide. Spell-binding looks and performance work quite well for inflating car sale. Most of the foreign cars have got a specific market section in India. The car segment in India has always had its fare share of popular global car models included in it. Both economy and luxury car section of India has been always under the scrutiny of consistent performance. Features and performance are the main criteria used to compare cars nowadays. The prestigious automobile brands have always come up with excellent car models year after year.


Many new model cars are expected to be launched this year. The car companies have decided to reinvent their image as per their popular automobile models. This year is expected to witness a drastic change in the set ways of car carnival in India. Few of these will be fresh arrivals while others will be a revolutionized version of previous models. Even the global car leaders like Audi and Mercedes are following the same pattern. The brand new Maruti A-star is expected to get a facelift in the form of latest cars for the required boost in its sales in the year 2013. Further commercial and pricing activities will depend upon its market response. Tentative price of these car models is expected to be within the price range of 25 lacs in India first.

The X1 model release by BMW in India is scheduled for this year. This will lead to a tough fight to become the uncrowned king of car carnival in India. It is basically an entry level model that will sense the car market trends in India. Honda performed not up to the expectations in sedan section last year. This year will witness the rising competition level in economy and hatchback sections in Indian car market. All these car manufacturers have a star performer up their sleeves this year. Comparison of cars does better evaluation of overall car performance.

In order to raise the overall sales, Maruti Suzuki has to gear up its recovery if it wants to survive the rising competition levels. A lot of strikes and production unit shut down led to heavy loss incurring by it. Classification of luxury car section has few main sections namely super luxury sport sedans, SUVs, convertible sport coupes MPV and few more. And the widespread campaigning strategy by its rivals made its plight even worse. Car comparison enlightens the buyers to go for the best option among their top choices. Hence Maruti has to come up with an effective marketing strategy backed by worthy car models so as to regain its crown as the Indian Car leader.

The prestigious automobile brands have always come up with excellent car models year after year. High-end foreign vehicles are targeting Indian car fests keeping in mind it car fetish. Such changes have raised the bar for every single car manufacturer launching its car models within the country. Upcoming car launches by these car brands are set to revolutionize the car market this year. Better pricings and all the latest amenities have made foreign as well as national car models fascinating to Indian population this year.