Chevrolet Spark Vs Hyundai Eon – Two Best Selling Compact Cars

Hyundai Eon price

The hatchback segment is one of the most competitive segments in the Indian passenger car market. The increased competition in this segment is the result of the availability of newer and better cars. However, even though the availability of choices offers the prospective buyer more power, it also creates a lot of confusion in his mind. The availability of choices renders car buying a complicated exercise. Hence, analyzing the available choices against one another and making a decision based on it is a wise way to buy a car.

Here, two of the most popular cars in the hatchback segment, Chevrolet Spark and Hyundai Eon is pitched against each other. Certain general parameters like price, engine details, mileage and other features like comfort, luxury and after sales services are used for the purpose.

 Hyundai Eon price

Price – Price, the most important factor that influences the buying decision, determines the fate of a car, especially in the compact segment. The Chevrolet Spark priced between INR 3.61 lakh to 4.18 lakh. If price is the only concern, Eon scores better.

Engine Specifications – Chevrolet Spark runs on a 995 CC, 4-cylinder MPFI petrol engine, which is capable of generating a maximum power of 62 BHP and 90.3 Nm of top torque. Alternatively, the Hyundai Eon runs on an 814 cc, 3-Cylinder MPFI Petrol Engine, of a maximum power generation capacity of 55.2 BHP and a top torque of 75 Nm. Both vehicles are equipped with five-speed manual transmission gearbox. From the above figures, it is clear that the Spark is faster and powerful than the Eon is.

Mileage – Chevrolet Spark returns an average mileage of 18 kmpl, whereas Hyundai Eon offers a far better mileage of 21.1 kmpl. Clearly, the Eon has the upper edge in this parameter.

Other Features and Specifications – Both Spark and Eon are identical in length. However, the former has a better height, and the latter, better width. Both cars have the same ground clearance figure of 170 mm. However, the Spark is heavier at 840 kg as compared to the 760 kg of the Eon. A closer look on the other factors reveals that in terms of overall features offered, the Eon outperforms the Spark. In addition, when it comes to factors like after sales service and service network, Hyundai has a better network and infrastructure, thanks to the next largest service network in India after Maruti Suzuki.

Conclusion – In conclusion, it can be said that even though the Chevrolet Spark comes with more powerful engine, attractive looks, decent mileage and reasonably good driving experience, the Eon has more features and better service records in comparison.