Buying a Used Motorcycle: Important Factors You Must Consider

Motorcycles have been around for more than half a century and are widely popular amongst enthusiasts in the UK. Motorcycles are much smaller in size compared to cars, thus allowing riders to go from one place to another quickly. However, they are also riskier than cars. Because motorcycles are driven on only two wheels, it’s usually difficult for new riders to maintain their balance. However, once you get the hang of it, riding a motorcycle can be one of the best experiences of your life. In the UK, there are…

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The good and bad of high altitude training for Athletes

mountain bike

Mountain biking is quite different from plane-based cycling sports. Apart from a rougher and slightly riskier terrain, you have to deal with a different weather at the mountain. At mountains, the oxygen concentration and pressure is lesser, and that can have a pretty substantial effect on some people. Some people cannot tolerate low density of oxygen and lose conscious. During a trail race event, this could seriously injure the person and could also be fatal. Therefore, before you get into any sort of mountain racing event, or start training for…

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Qualities To Look For When Buying Motorcycle Parts

Motorcycle Parts

Motorcycles, both vintage and latest, are priced possessions of their owners. However, it requires a lot more than just regular cleaning and tune up to assure a properly functioning and wonderful looking motorcycle. Replacing old and damaged parts is a crucial aspect of motorcycle maintenance, but not every company or distributor can be trusted when it comes to buying quality items. Mentioned below are the top qualities you should look for in a retailer when buying motorcycle parts. Variety of parts: The variety of parts of motorcycles is huge and…

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5 Mobile Apps For Motorbikers

Mobile Apps For Motorbikers

Biking is all about speed, freedom and performance, but owning a motorcycle can mean more accidents and higher insurance, as well as keeping the bike and your motorcycle equipment in tiptop condition – expensive. Apps have infiltrated every area of modern living and now motorcyclists can make their ride smoother with iPhone and Android apps to help monitor motorbike performance and deal with accidents and insurance. Greatest Road Motorcycle Rider GPS Navigation Road Finder costs £2.99 from the iTunes store and uses Google Maps. The app charts new routes for…

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8 Important Facts about Fixed Gear Bikes

Fixed Gear Bikes

A fixed gear bike is regarded as the most efficient type of cycling machine. This is one reason why it has found huge acceptance from cycling community. As they have flexible uses, they are used in racing tracks and in velodrome. Expert cyclists train in them during off-season especially in winters. Lightweight in nature, they are capable of generating high speeds. They are preferred for speedy and efficient riding. They are designed in a manner to permit a ceaseless crank rotation. 8 Important facts about them are enumerated below Many…

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